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Steam cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning

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 Our multi-step carpet cleaning process is designed for deep carpet cleaning. Cleaning your carpet down to the base, leaving your carpets clean, fresh and healthy for you and your family to enjoy. The process  below will show you how we clean heavily soiled carpetCall today and see "The Mighty Kleen Difference."
Step 2: Pre-condition-pre treating entire carpet for stains & allowwing 15 minutes dwell time
Step 4: Hot water extraction, steam cleaning carpet
Step 3: Agitation or deep scrubbing heavily soiled carpet carpet
Step 1: Pre-vacuum- vacuuming carpet preparing for carpet cleaning
1.Pre-Vacuum: Powerful commercial vacuum cleaners 
remove sand and grit that is abrasive and harmful
to your carpet. These soils become muddy when moisture is applied. Removing these soils by vacuuming first allows for less water usage during the steam cleaning process, which leads shorter drying times.
2.Pre-Condition: We cover all areas to be cleaned with 
a  heavy duty spot remover to emulsify greasy oil spots and soils, preparing the carpet for extraction. Our pre-conditioner has deodorizing enzymes to remove stale musty odors from carpet. Pre-conditioner is allowed to dwell in carpet for minimum of 15 minutes.
3.Agitation: Twin counter rotating brushes lift and separates matted carpets and works the  pre-conditioner deep into carpet to break apart deeply imbedded soils for easy extraction. This also allows for
decreased amounts of water needed to clean the carpet which results in shorter drying times. (Also called Deep Scrubbing)
4.Hot Water Extraction: Using our high powered truck mounted unit and special rinsing solution at temperatures above 200 degrees, and over 400 cfm of vacuum, we thoroughly extract soils and cleaning  agents from your carpet using a minimum* of four over lapping cleaning passes and 2 over lapping drying passes. This leaves your carpet clean, fresh, and soft for your family to enjoy. (Also called Steam Cleaning)

5.Speed Dry*: High powered fans are used to move air across the carpet in combination with your air conditioner to pull moisture out of the air to dry your carpets in 30 minutes or less. The quicker your carpets are dry the better.

 * Additional charges apply unless the technician determines that it is needed for your type of carpet. More cleaningpassesare used if required.
Call Today 832-573-4933
Call Today 832-573-4933
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Befor & after of dirty carpet
Dirty carpet ion Houston before & after carpet cleaning
Dirty carpet in Humble Tx before & after carpet cleaning
Some furniture moved.
Plastic tabs or Styrofoam blocks are placed under any furniture we move. 

Corner guards
& Doorjamb guards 

are used to protect your walls & doors from scarring by our hoses. Yardsticks 

are used to protect your lawn from scorch marks from hot water  hoses.Why? Because
 we care as much about your home and property as you do!

 Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction!
Corner guards-protect walls from scuffing fro carpet cleaning hoses
Door Jambs-protect door trim from damage by carpet cleaning hoses
Blue styro foam blocks carpet protection from staining by larger furniture
Plastic sheets-carpet protection from staining by small furnishings
Yard sticks- protect lawns from schorching by carpet cleaning hoses
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Carpet Cleaning Kigwood Tx
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While performing professonal carpet cleaning services in Houston, these procedures are a regular part of our service. When we enter your home we will treat your home as if it were our own. We do this, because we care as much about your home and property as you do.  
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Yard sticks- protect lawns from schorching by carpet cleaning hoses
Yard sticks- protect lawns from schorching by carpet cleaning hoses
Yard sticks- protect lawns from schorching by carpet cleaning hoses
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Pet Stain & odor removal-Heavy urine stains in carpet
Red Stain in carpet from  juice spill
Spilled drink beading on stain protected carpet-Dupont Teflon Advanced
Carpet cleaning 200 degree steam
Steam cleaning dirty commercial carpet
Mattress cleaning removes sweat, dirt & dust mites
Address problems with stains or odors by investing in carpet cleaning services in Houston, TX. Our team of professionals at Mighty Kleen Carpet Services offer a full range of services, and we take pride in our meticulous work. We know how to clean high-traffic areas, and we’ll do what we can to restore the color and texture of your carpet.

Our technicians are highly trained, and we have competitive rates that you’ll appreciate. We’re Monday thru Saturday for your convenience, and we strive to finish cleaning projects promptly. We believe in going above and beyond the call of duty for our customers, so we offer:

    A 100% money back guarantee      Excellent drying capabilities        Deodorizing and stain treatment

 Before you try to do the carpet cleaning on your own, see what our professionals can do for you. We’ve worked on hundreds of homes throughout the Greater Houston area, and we hope that you’ll be impressed with our attention to detail. Call Mighty Kleen Carpet Services today to see what we can do for you.
Step 5:Air movers used to speed dry carpet after steam cleaning
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