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Red stain removal solution
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Red wine stains on clothing can be tricky to get out, but red wine stains on carpet are much worse to deal with, but Mighty Kleen has the perfect formula for complete red stain removal. If you have red stains from koolaid, soda, or red wine call Mighty Kleen today at 832-573-4933 to restore your carpet to it's original color.
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 If you live in the Houston Metro area, don't let red stains from juice and soda ruin the look of your carpet. Not all red stains are permanent. All of Mighty Kleen's technicians are trained how to properly remove red stains without damaging the carpet. We use the strongest and safest red stain remover available.It wil even remove No.4 & No.5 red dye, which is the strongest red dye used in fruit punch and juices today. So, don't leave red stains behind because an inexperienced cleaner told you that they were permanent.In Houston Mighty Kleen can make your carpets completely spot & stain free!
​ Spills and stains on carpe can happen at any time. They are just a part of home life. With carpet being a major investment in your home, you need carpet professional that you can rely on. Mighty Kleen Carpet Services has saved numerous consumers from the high cost of replacing carpet with expert stain removal techniques. Coffee stains, nail polish, ink stains, rust stains, wax stains, water stains whatever type of stain you have, we've see it and we have removed it. So the next time someone spills hot chocolate, or red soda on your carpet, don't fret! Just call Mighty Kleen Carpet Services and we will remove your carpet stain or if we can't remove it there will be no charge.    

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