Some furniture moved.
Plastic tabs or Styrofoam blocks are placed under any furniture we move. 

Corner guards
& Doorjamb guards 

are used to protect your walls & doors from scarring by our hoses Why? Because
we care as much about your property as you do!

 Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction!
Commercial Carpet 
Cleaning Houston
It's Not Clean!
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Mighty Kleen Promises to Give You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning in Houston  Ever !!! Nobody Cleans Carpet Deeper or Better Than Mighty Kleen ! Schedule Your Appointment Today !
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Extend the Life of Your Carpet and Tile

 Mighty Kleen technician with cleaning equipment extend the life and appearance of your carpet and tile flooring with our deep cleaning process.

 Mighty Keen uses a truck-mounted high-pressure system to remove dirt and deep clean with greater heat, pressure and extraction than any other method. It doesn't matter whether it's cleaning tile and grout lines  to carpets with high-traffic patterns, Mghty Keen will revitalize your company's floor surface.

Why choose Mighty Kleen ?

◾Uniformed Personel
All of our employees are uniformed at all times when on duty.
◾Lettered and marked vehichles
Our vehichles are letteed to show our name and phone number for easy identification. We will never send an unmarked unit to your property
◾Truck-Mounted Unit
 We only use truck-mounted units to clean carpet, tile, and or grout with the hottest water to maximize cleaning 
◾Trained Technicians
 Our technicians are certified in the methods of cleaning and revitalizing commercial flooring. 
◾3-Step Process
 We achieve the truest deep clean with our 3-step process: pre-spray, agitate, and steam clean with non-residual rinse.
◾Quick Dry
 The powerful extraction system allows carpet to dry within a couple of hours. For a small additional charge we can also use air movers to dry your floors in minutes before we depart.
◾24-hour Follow-up
 We make contact within 24 hours after service to ensure total satisfaction. 

Commercial Grout & Tile Cleaning

Grout and tile cleaning 

 Our comprehensive tile cleaning process utilizes our high-pressure steam rinse and soil removal.Mighty Kleen will clean your tile and grout, and revive it back to near it's original beauty! Our sealant protects the grout and repels future stains caused by dirt, bacteria, and mildew.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Think about how many customers and employees and visitors enter your business every day. In a high-traffic area, there's a lot of residue left behind by customers and even previous carpet cleanings. We pre-treat not only spots and stains, but the entire area to be cleaned to ensure your floors are thoroughly cleaned.  With Mighty Kleen Carpet Services' commercial carpet cleaning, your floors will be spotless, sanitary, and odorless.
◾Fast Dry
 The powerful extraction system allows carpet to dry within a couple of hours, not days! 
◾Stain Repellent Program
 Ask about our stain repellent program! Optional fiber-protector resists stains longer,helps carpet stay clean longer. 

Contact Mighty Kleen for a Free Floor Audit or more information on our commercial carpet and tile cleaning 832-573-4933.

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Upholstery cleaning heavily soiled furniture
Dirty tile & grout cleaning
Pet Stain & odor removal-Heavy urine stains in carpet
Red Stain in carpet from  juice spill
Spilled drink beading on stain protected carpet-Dupont Teflon Advanced
Carpet cleaning 200 degree steam
Steam cleaning dirty commercial carpet