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What's Lurking In Your carpet?

You Don't Have To Live With Pet Urine

by Charleston Gray Mighty Kleen Carpet Services on 09/13/14

                                       You Don’t Live With Pet Urine!

It’ late September and the weather is changing. Cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoon. So you turn your air conditioner off to save on your electric bill. You leave home and everything seems and smells normal. You return home later that evening and a powerful aroma hits you at the front door, and it’s not potpourri! Ugh! It’s urine! Your pet has been naughty. But why? I didn’t smell like this when I left this morning. When an animal urinates on carpet , sometimes it doesn’t leave an odor right away. The odor is cause by organic matter as it breaks down and decays. This decaying of organic matter releases odorous gases with a strong ammonia scent.

What should you do? Do you go to your local department store and buy some over the counter remedy. No! Most of these products are watered down and without the proper equipment even if you found one that works you would still leave behind urine residue and the odor and stains will return. Do you go to your local pet store for some perfume smelling enzymes? This has got to be the resolution for your pet odor problem! Wrong again. Enzymes are only effective at removing odors, not urine deposits or stains. If you don’t remove the urine deposits , you cannot completely remove the odor. How can you remove these odors from your home? 


You start by calling Mighty Kleen Carpet Services. Mighty Kleen’s technicians are extensively trained on how to detect and remove pet urine from your carpet. Remove the urine, and you can easily remove the odor. But, you can't remove what you cannot see. All urine deposits are not visible to the human eye. At Mighty Kleen we use ultraviolet lighting to find and detect urine deposits. Some companies use moisture detectors. We like using ultraviolet lighting over moisture detectors, because if the urine deposit has been there long enough to dry the moisture detector cannot detect it.. Ultra-violet lighting detects both wet and dry deposits. If you find all of the urine deposits during your cleaning, your deodorization will be more successful. Visit Mighty Kleen at http://www.mightykleencarpetsvcs.com/Pet-Stains-and-Odor-Control.html to see a complete description of our pet treatment procedure. Then simply request an free a carpet cleaning quote by following the link on the website or following this link provided below.

http://www.mightykleencarpetsvcs.com/Carpet-Cleaning-Quotes.html We will take care of your pet urine deposits and odor.


Charleston L. Gray Jr. ,owner

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