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Tile & Grout Cleaning 

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Re-Sealing Procedure
 Is your tile and grout dingy? Is your grout dark and stained ? Would you like to have it replaced 
but can't afford it ? Don't spend thousands of dollars to replace your tile and grout! Call Mighty Kleen and have your tile and grout professionally cleaned and see a world of difference. Having your tile and grout cleaned cost a fraction of the cost of replacement and takes far less time. No dust, no noise, and you don't have to leave your home for days at a time. Below we show you how to clean tile and grout. Call today for your FREE ESTIMATE and see just how much you will save over replacement. Mighty Kleen your tile and grout cleaning professionals in Houston, Texas. Call today and see "The Mighty Kleen Difference." 

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​1.Inspect & Diagnos: Visually inspect for degree of soiling, type tile, cracks in grout or tiles.
​​2.Pre-Treat: Apply specially formulated pre-spray for your particular type of tile and allow to dwell.
3.Deep Scrub Grout: Use grout brush to loosen heavy deposit in grout.
4.Steam Clean & Neutralize: Use truckmount at high pressure with appropriate neutralizing solution with very hot water to remove soil and cleaning agents.
​5.Speed Dry: Use air mover to thoroughly dry tile and grout before applying sealer.
​6.Apply Grout Sealer: Apply grout sealer to protect grout from staining and from degradation because of extended water contact. Highly recommended to make your grout resistant to spills and stains. Making it easier to maintain and clean in the future. 
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