Upholstery Cleaning Houston
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Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning Procedure
1.Inspect & Diagnose: Visually inspect for degree of soiling, damaged fibers 
and type of fiber to determine if upholstery can be steam cleaned or dry 

2.Brush: Lightly brush with horsehair brush to loosen dust & soil.

3.Vacuum: Vacuum to remove loosened soil & dust.

4.Pre-Treat: Pre-test for colorfastness, Pre-treat with approved upholstery cleaner to prepare upholstery for extraction.

5.Deep Scrub(If Heavily Soiled): Brush pre-treatment in with horsehair brush or white terry cloth to loosen deep imbedded soils.

6.Extract: Use truck-mounted unit or high quality portable to extract soil and cleaning agents.

7.Apply Fabric Protector(Optional): Protect upholstery from stains, body oils and rapid re-soiling with Dupont Teflon.(6 Months warranty on protection)

8.Dry:(Allow to dry naturally or speed dry using air movers.)  
Upholstery cleaning Houston
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 You've wiped down the walls and  window sills. You've cleand your baseboards and had your carpets steam cleaned and deodorized. But you still notice that  something is not as fresh, something is not as clean. Your upholstered furniture. Clean and fresh upholstery can brighten and refresh the look, feel, and smell of your living room, family room or den. When you invite your family and friends over WOW! them with clean and fresh furniture, and in the process save tons of money over the cost of replacement. Refurnishing just one room could cost hundreds (even thousands) of dollars. Your upholstered furniture is a major investment in your home. Mighty Kleen Carpet Services, the Houston upholstery cleaning specialist can help you maintain that luxurious showroom look and feel of your furniture. With proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and fabric protection, you can extend the life of your furniture by years.

 We use specialized cleaning agents designed to safely clean and deodorize your furniture. Our expert techniques get rid of contaminants that weaken your furniture over time. Things like cigarette and cigar smoke, dead skin cells, drinking fluids, dust, dust mites, food grease, pet dander, and other pollutants. Our trained and certified upholstery cleaners do this while considering your furniture's age, fabric and color fastness. In addition our upholstery cleaning will make your upholstery last longer so you won't have to seriously consider refurnishing for a long time!  We are the Houston upholstery cleaning specialist, So call today and see "The Mighty Kleen Difference!" The procedure below will show you how we steam clean upholstery.
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